Srila Prabhupada always used the best of bhoga, jewellery, flower garlands, clothing, comforts and all the possible facilities in the loving Service of Bhagwan Sri Krishna.                         This is called Krishna centric lifestyle, when we make Krishna as the center of our life, we […]

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KRISHNAM VANDE JAGAD GURUM. Bhagwan SRI Krishna is the original Guru. ALL THE guru’s must just Repeat his teachings. Otherwise in general the person who teaches you some art,Knowledge, trick etc. It may be ethical , good or unethical, bad , if he trains in high moral he is to be considered as good GURU. […]

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Urgent need of DHARMA or Religion. Dharma means to Love GOD, THE extent and expression of this love only varies in different Religion’s. Basic principle remains the SAME. This Love ,is all inclusive, it also includes the wonderful creations, nature, and the other animals and human Beings created by the Same God as explained by […]

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