Lord Ganesh is completely surrendered devotee of Supreme BHAGWAN Sri Narshima SWAMI, BHAGWAN Sri Narshima SWAMI removes all the types of obstacles from the path of Devotion , problems from the lives of DEVOTES, GANESHJI always carying the Lotus FEET of his worshipable Lord on his Head, as the result his head is pressed from two sides. […]

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07-09-2016 ENGLISH

Sri Ganesh ji bhagwan shri narasimha swami full dedicated devotee.. Lord Narasimha Swami devotees of life all the way to remove interference.. Shri always carry their head mr kamal phase. Because in his head Direction is vanquished, Lord narasimha swami happy with ease and grace away from them all.. Many wonderful qualities, they are for […]

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07-09-2016 HINDI

श्री गणेश जी भगवान श्री नरसिम्हा स्वामी के पूर्ण समर्पित भक्त है.. भगवान् नरसिम्हा स्वामी भक्तों के जीवन के मार्ग की हर व्यवधान को दूर करते है.. श्री गणेशजी हमेशा अपने मस्तक को उनके श्री कमल चरण में रखते है इसलिए ही उनका सिर दोनों तरफ से दबा हुआ है, भगवान नरसिम्हा स्वामी आसानी से […]

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