Sacrifice everything to receive Krishna. Mother Devaki New well that all her son’s would be killed brutally by KING KANSA. KANSA was killing each of her consecutive sons just after they born, yet she was willing to conceive, because she was sure that As per the Prophecy the SUPREME LORD SRI KRISHNA will take birth […]

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If the GURU doesn’t know who Is GOD ,then that GURU is useless, If the GURU knows who is GOD ,but doesn’t tell it to his disciple ,such a person is more harmful ,as he suppressing the facts. He should be Rejected as early. The GURU is considered as transparent via media to see GOD. […]

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The Great JOURNEY FROM HOTEL’S TO HOSPITALS Yes science has made tremendous progress in medicine, no more MALARIA, POLIO , JAUNDICE, TYPHOID, CHOLERA, all under full control. But everyone is under CONTROL of HEART, BLOOD PRESSURE, diabetes, cancer, aids, hepatitis, depression, etc.┬áMultiple disorders are common. Simple diseases are replaced by Life style Diseases, phenomenal growth […]

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