Learning from RAMAYANA,  Even the monkeys and birds could perfect their lives by pleasing Sri BHAGWAN, why not we also accept it. By serving THE merciful Bhagwan SRI RAMCHANDERA, even The monkeys and birds could perfect their life’s.  The message from great epics Ramayan is very clear.                 […]

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24-09-2016-3 HINDI

महान ग्रंथ रामायण से शिक्षा                                                                 यहाँ तक कि बंदरों और पक्षी भी श्री भगवान को प्रसन्न कर के अपने जीवन को पूर्ण सफल बना […]

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Learning from RAMAYANA, The author of RAMAYANA ,Sri VALMIKI MUNI was earlier known as RATNAKAR, he was a dacoit, to loot ,deceive, and kill innocent people was his daily routine. One day by his cause less mercy Srila Narad muni , the great vaishnav ACHARYA visited him, by The teachings of Srila NARADA MUNI, Ratnakar […]

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