14212827_1049194151868419_864087450767574912_n14141768_1049194138535087_4766828633474472271_nThe super success of Social media shows one fact , each and every one is looking for Relationship.
Chanakya Pandit said “Happiness is possible by relationships ”
But true relationships are based on Sacrifice , now a days this sacrifice has become a rare commodity. Therefore the relationships are not fulfilling.
14211995_1049194185201749_2231298868814528303_nThe mother’s Sacrifice for the pleasure of Baby fulfils The Bond , both experience satisfaction.¬†You cannot digitally fulfil The relationship. SOCIETY is so much lost that they are not READY for one to one personal interaction.
Hence in this hypocritical situation Real HAPPINESS is not possible.
Srila Prabhupada therefore encouraged ‘ devotional service’s , they establishes a strong Bond between the ALL LOVING BHAGWAN AND THE DEVOTEES, The reciprocates to each and every living entities.
Thus The fulfilment is possible ONLY in loving devotional service’s
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