The deadly poison of CASTEISM, in our country is spread by BRITISH and MOUGHALS.
Hindu society was not following the present day CASTE system.
Mother SABARI, belonged to very backward class, she was an old lady …
with                                                                                                                                                                                                           1. No bank account.
2. No education
3. No physical beauty
4. No HIGH position
5. Very ordinary lineage







Yet the Supreme Bhagwan Sri RAMCHANDERA not only accepted her offerings , he EAT the food which was allready tested by SABARI.
Devotees like Hanumanji, GANESHJI and Brahma always awaits to eat the leftover food of Bhagwan SRI RAMCHANDERA, the same Bhagwan ate the food tested by an ordinary woman.
This pastime clearly shows the fact that the birth in high class family is not the qualification to serve the Lord.
Neither the LORD discriminates on the basis of social order or financial status.
Anyone and everyone can serve the Lord, whoever had pure love towards him.










Srila Prabhupada never encouraged CASTISM in Iskcon.
It’s only one CASTE, devotee CASTE.
your servent
Please share if you want to protect RELIGION.
It’s only one CASTE ,Devotee CASTE.



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