A little boy lost his father’s hand and lost in a fair. So sad to cry, to find the father.
Looking at the little lad at the fair, some kind people give him chocolate, biscuits, bread and ice cream. The kid would be silent for a while.
She seems to cry in a memory of father in the fair, jhūlōṁ, magic, magic and shining damak and crying again after a few late. Some people make dessert clothes and toys.

But when the boy remember the love of father again, we would be filled with all God’s service in this world, in this world, a car, the car, property and business. Sad to cry out of sūnēpana.
Lord shree jagannath all the father is 8 January 2017 to bring all their lost kids to bring back to the chariot. Please take part in this divine ratha tour of God shree jagannath Get more mahāprasāda






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