14222285_1053496534771514_569119561031263307_n14265028_1053496618104839_7903939371413735126_nIF SRI KRISHNA IS IN The centre then even the enemies becomes friends.
Lord Shiva is the greatest devotee, he carries SNAKES at his neck.
His son Kartikeya rides on Peacock.
His other son is GANESH WHO rides on RAT.
HIS wife DURGA OR PARVATI uses the services of FEROCIOUS LION .
Here we see in the same family …
1 Snake.
2 Peacock
3 Rat
14291822_1053496581438176_1037939766594191536_n14232530_1053496551438179_586506309686505979_nall great enemies to one another, yet they all live together happily, because they all pray together .
It Shows the real love and respect for others is possible ONLY WHEN we unite on the basis of DEVOTION.
SRILA PRABHUPADA created a society in which whole world can live peacefully.
—-mahashringa dasa (DIRECTOR Iskcon NAMAHATTA KUKATAPALY )

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