07-09-2016 ENGLISH

Sri Ganesh ji bhagwan shri narasimha swami full dedicated devotee.. Lord Narasimha Swami devotees of life all the way to remove interference.. Shri always carry their head mr kamal phase. Because in his head Direction is vanquished, Lord narasimha swami happy with ease and grace away from them all..


14265038_1054027348051766_6681479180871533418_nMany wonderful qualities, they are for the rich, they can write in motion which is in three equal no can not.. When Śrīlā Vyas Devji has great books to śrīmadbhāgavada shri then save the other him in speed could not write, thus, Shri blessings we have received the gift of srimad bhagavad.. Iskcon śrīlā prabhupādajī has many temples in shri installation..
Please it also equals paḍhākara prabhu service found happiness enjoy..
Hindi translation by Krishna PRIYA and SWATI JOSHI MATAJI

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