14344347_1059572320830602_6808037863434805696_n14333802_1059572407497260_1092251587389562043_nSome MAFIA DONS or some influential police, political leader May give some economic benefits but they cannot be compared to the PRIME MINISTER.
Person’s with less or no intelligence, with the intention of only material gains.
Oftentimes praises Such MAFIA DONS as good as PRIME MINISTER.
IN this age of Kali such ignorant foolish person are more in number,
BHAGWAN SRI KRISHNA is the Supreme personality of GOD HEAD, it is accepted by all the great RISHIS and Munis , all the Vedic literatures , his glories are sung by ….
14238095_1059572354163932_6873926958376306729_n2 Brahma ji
3 Ganesha
5 Sripad Narad muni
6 all the ACHARYAS
7 SRILA vyas deva
14322296_1059572430830591_6939381472261209846_nBhagwat GITA the most popular VEDIC scripture declares it hundreds of Times .
Yet people are confused ,WHO IS GOD.This doubt or confusion will go only when we take complete shelters of a pure DEVOTEE OF THE supreme Lord KRISHNA, Such as HIS DIVINE GRACE A. C. BHAKTI VEDANTA SWAMI SRILA PRABHUPADA.
other wise people are wasting their lives in the worship of Some BABA, MAGICIAN, Some fortune tellers, or some TANTRIK .OR bogus Guru’s.
To know the qualities and symptoms of True God as explained in bonafide scriptures please Read the book’s by Srila Prabhupada or this page regularly.
— mahashring dasa (DIRECTOR Iskcon NAMAHATTA KUKATAPALY )
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