15492493_1155602637894236_5281643528867117348_nMataji liars propaganda that first baby died during delivery, then today in the house any more than two kids don’t see why.
But it is also true that the number of millions today by these so-called educated civilized people in the stomach by the same children are killed.
That death rate is reduced, not increased several times.
So disgusting, even animals don’t do it for all of society is a big shame.
If life is to be balanced, a natural jananā baby, but now it is a very scary.
This modern life style all because of work, but today people chewing food even in pain and it seems most substitute tablet want food.
Need to balance the life of the balance of the impact of modernity in the society and your bare foot.
Mating Śrīla Prabhupada has simple life and devotion to God through all that we can be happy

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