14358681_1061033954017772_2073803824991666131_nSatisfaction is the Father and contentment is the mother of the most
Wanted baby known as HAPPINESS.
When The powerful King of demons, Bali maharaja asked the DIVINE form of Bhagwan Sri NARAYANA who appeared as Sri VAMANA for any thing he can ask in charity. Sri VAMANA deva replied , he king I am satisfied by JUST three Steps of land , as per my feet.
14370430_1061033907351110_5282912433305344334_nThe great King was surprised and confused on the benediction asked by The Dwarf Brahmin. THEN the most attractive Bhagwan Sri VAMANA deva spoke, …
O king anyone who is not Satisfied with whatever he or she has, then nothing in the three World’s ,can ever satisfy him.
Now we find the same situation ,no one is satisfied, and as per Sri VAMANA deva they will remain unsatisfied under any circumstances.
Even if they get all the wealth of this WORLD they will be hankering for another.
This is the nature of unsatisfied Mind,
Please one shouldn’t WaSTe his precious live ,working Hard like a Donkey to achieve Happiness and neglecting the spiritual devlopment. It doesn’t work.
14368680_1061033984017769_8093581502108296887_nReal happiness is possible only when we serve the BHAGWAN Srila Prabhupada said we can easily achieve Happiness by rendering Loving devotional service to the supremely MERCIFUL Bhagwan Sri Krishna.
Today on the appearance day of Bhagwan Sri VAMANA, i pray that everyone attain PERFECTION IN LOVING DEVOTIONAL SERVICE.
‘—- mahashringa dasa (DIRECTOR Iskcon NAMAHATTA KUKATAPALY )
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