Srila Prabhupada said, Shri Hanumanji is very clever so they only gather the name of God Rama. This delusion is like a glass of glass, which is the same as the divine name of God is the real jewel.
So called mirabai,
” I found ram ratan dhan got
The ” Glass of glass is as much as intensity and stiffness. Because of this reason, the person in this world is finally crying.

15400310_1156483574472809_6406529015884838103_nThe type of India will not be able to work in the states of India. There will be some benefit to you. <S> there will be a few benefits of this world, so the wise man will not be able to work this money. Know to replace.

15420794_1156481831139650_6184739626179850624_nSrila Narōttama Das Thakur sang
” gōlōkē r love wealth Hari Naam Congregational ‘
The wealth of God’s divine name is kirtan and chanting, so the clever person is not to be able to do this world money and not to sleep. In this world, the divine name of this world is a sensible of God’s divine name.


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