14055163_1033329203454914_3812750019499689279_n14051683_1033329186788249_4692821220343927417_nThe Guru is bonafide representative of supreme LORD Krishna.
Hence he always …
1 repeats the instructions of Krishna.
2 he inspires everyone to surrender to Krishna.
3 He conducts perfectly in harmony with the scriptures.
14064110_1033329226788245_3043428568799493745_n4 He never claims To be GOD.
ANY Guru whoever is not following above principal’s, can not be considered as genuine Guru or SADGURU.
The world is flooded with bogus or pseudo Gurus.
They provide many solution for a better family LIFE, improved sex relationships, economic development etc.
All these subjects are not encouraged in
Bhagwat GITA, They have nothing to do with SPIRIT, To consider them spiritual is biggest mistake.
Srila Prabhupada repeatedly warned against such pseudo Guru’s, cheaters.
Your servant —mahashring dasa (DIRECTOR Iskcon NAMAHATTA KUKATAPALY )
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