14333065_1064233353697832_2449114311488281066_n14317324_1064233303697837_5957332891774871401_nIf the GURU doesn’t know who Is GOD ,then that GURU is useless,
If the GURU knows who is GOD ,but doesn’t tell it to his disciple ,such a person is more harmful ,as he suppressing the facts. He should be Rejected as early.
The GURU is considered as transparent via media to see GOD.
PLEASE note Guru is not the END, the journey commence with the GURU, it Ends at The Supreme Bhagwan SRI Krishna. But now a days the Bogus Guru’s Don’t know, or never informs, about this ETERNAL TRUTH14292301_1064233367031164_8804293995691605523_n14344700_1064233333697834_1943141892098941251_nSrila Prabhupada said “If YOU want to buy PURE GOLD , firstly you must know how to identify pure gold, it’s properties and nature , anyone who does not have this basic knowledge will be deceived .”  Scriptures gives us all these informations. Please save your selves from such cheap GURU’s. Srila Prabhupada is The siksha GURU for the whole world.

—mahashringa dasa (DIRECTOR Iskcon NAMAHATTA KUKATAPALY )
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