14067506_1036999386421229_7764139227176196400_n14034716_1036999363087898_361635281939496891_nSacrifice everything to receive Krishna.
Mother Devaki New well that all her son’s would be killed brutally by KING KANSA.
KANSA was killing each of her consecutive sons just after they born, yet she was willing to conceive, because she was sure that As per the Prophecy the SUPREME LORD SRI KRISHNA will take birth as the Eighth Child.
14045798_1036999413087893_6822288252862700577_nShe was tolerating such horrible pain 1 TO produce Children
2 to witness their brutal death each time.
Because she had such affection towards KRISHNA. Krishna was bound by her affection and choose to accept
VASUDEVA and Devaki as his father and mother in this world.
Srila Prabhupada said Krishna could be conquered by pure unalloyed Love.
–your servant -mahashring dasa (DIRECTOR Iskcon NAMAHATTA KUKATAPALY )
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