14440607_1066996410088193_4696394463079912839_n14354895_1066996373421530_5841691497721498552_nThe Great JOURNEY FROM HOTEL’S TO HOSPITALS
Yes science has made tremendous progress in medicine, no more MALARIA, POLIO , JAUNDICE, TYPHOID, CHOLERA, all under full control.
But everyone is under CONTROL of HEART, BLOOD PRESSURE, diabetes, cancer, aids, hepatitis, depression, etc. Multiple disorders are common.
Simple diseases are replaced by Life style Diseases, phenomenal growth is registered in Drug industry.
14390991_1066996450088189_403236049414323580_nThe Journey is From HOTELS TO HOSPITALS.
The transition is very SMOOTH ,  THE FAST FOOD will surely take you to hellish Life , fully depending on Advanced Medical science by the FASTEST tracks.
14329893_1066996423421525_502517354177625615_nThe companies with great expertise in chemical warfare are preparing AND modifying The SEEDS , bringing Genetically MODIFIED , FOOD grains,
All set in place to completely Destroy Human Race from GLOBE.
Srila Prabhupada repeatedly warned against The GODLESS CIVILISATION, IT can never be peaceful and happy.
—mahashring dasa (DIRECTOR Iskcon NAMAHATTA KUKATAPALY )
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