14359237_1072713296183171_1554230634867991024_nThe great epic ramayana śikṣāyēṁ from :–

The great epic ramayana, the author of Mr. Vālmikī Munī Ratnakar first called, was an outlaw. Ṭhaganā key factor, and killing of innocent people to his daily program was.
A day with his great favor āhaitukī devotee śrīla munī narada came to them. The Narada śrīla munī śikṣāyōṁ ratnakar due to realising your mistake.

Ratnakar śrīla narad muni to Lord Sri Rama’s name to chant.14449850_1072713319516502_4564492788557285823_n
His past activities pāpamaya ratnākāra because of Lord Rama, in the name of “RAM” in the correct pronunciation of the word not found. But he continued his efforts. He’s just, ” die ” die ” die ” I was talking about. Your Adhyātmika with full confidence due to ratnakar continued effort. After some barṣō correct it as ” RAM ” RAM “ chant even were able to get in and finally they were clean.
God’s holy name become a crime-free by July he bhagwan sree divya to portray to your doorstep to visit. Its God’s always in the form itself.
After their spiritual master’s order in bhagwan sri ramachandra ji to portray sumadhura poem in the form of being in the form of the ramayana.

14463082_1072713362849831_4699569897690803257_nŚrīla Prabhupada ji ratnakar kārōḍō-like those who went away showering many – many tasks involved in sin, they were all by his grace glory ahaitukī acharya in the form of change. God’s holy name, chant for complex, sinner saint had become the best.
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