14191973_1044429132344921_3726275536929479587_n14046086_1044429102344924_1438740530884038734_nreplying to a comment by Sri Nitish kumar,
Yes prabhu,
His anger is also Sweet.
Let us understand the definition of Sweet.
The father some time punishes the Dear son to correct him .Because he is very much concerned about the behaviour and the character of his son.
He knows that without these qualities his SON will ultimately suffer .
So when the adamant Son ,in spite of his repeated instructions dose not give up his illicit habbits, .
He apparently gets angery, in fact his purpose is to serve the son by correcting him ,so that the son can enjoy a happy life. When the material father even dose not hate, actually punishes the Son with apparent anger.
Our Supreme Father BHAGWAN SRI KRISHNA LOVE US millions of times more than we could imagine.
His anger is the Sweetest of all, as it is with love not hatred.

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