14516442_1075405752580592_2436219975590546609_nSome miscreants ,biased and motivated people are criticizing VEDIC system for CASTEISM , which was never there.
The history shows that , our ancient system was never based on CASTEISM.
SRI Suta Goswami was a son of maid servent, so he was a sudra , he was from very low CASTE.
The same Suta Goswami was accepted by the GREAT speaker of Srimad Bhagwatam , high class Brahman Srila Sikh deva Goswami as his Diciple.14520479_1075405862580581_2890406439058388288_n

Sri Suta was later unanimously selected as the GURU AND ACHARYA by 60000 highly qualified RISHIS and munis, headed by The great Brahmana , Sri SOUNAKA,
This pastimes clearly shows that SO CALLED CASTEISM based on birth was NEVER followed in vedic society.

14519707_1075405902580577_1694701214968081961_nSrila Prabhupada
initiated so many western and European ,aferican people’s born in very sinful families, into the highest order of life in Iskcon.
Please share if you want to protect others.






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