Hanuman ji vanar and jatayu bird is still all decent and sadhu. Because the person is revered by his own qualities. Devotion is the best virtue in the scriptures, man is the success of life in bhagwat devotion.
Bhakti free life is equal to animals.
No one can buy any of their property in the past 1 years today, how many progress should be considered in ḥhamanē in the year.
15740775_1171331519654681_6371255451127487040_nThe whole pride of abhaktōṁ ends with the time.
Srila Prabhupada has given us the opportunity of God, which is only possible after the acquisition of vaikuṇṭha. This divine experience gave us Shri Prabhupada in this world. Accept my service and prayers in the new year’s upalakṣa.
15780980_1171331572988009_4461700059681384230_nGod is the best gift that, without any condition, please read the post on this page every day we will live forever.
Enjoy live kirtan on this page tonight from 10:30 PM. Your humble servant mahāśrim̐ga raghupati, director its name hut

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