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Then why was there…short of lowest human species….no offence..just curious to know

The division was based on the basis of ..
1 The knowledge they have
2 the activities they performed. 
Never based on the BIRTH. 
The people who indulged in sinful activities were considered low in order to the people’s performing pious activities. 
The father of SABARI was preparing huge quality of animal meat for her marriage, seeing this she left her home at mid night when everyone was fast asleep. For days she run and run ultimately when she came across the matang muni’s aashram , she requested Matang muni to accept herself as a Diciple. 14595633_1080749295379571_3565461808529572042_n
Muni knowing well her desire blessed her, she joined the group of SAGES. 
THE POINT IS though she was born in a low class meat eaters family ,she had lots of good qualities. 
Thus she was accepted by a great RISHI and Guru, subsequently she got the opportunity to serve the Lord. 
14611145_1080749252046242_4489416613622173075_nThe point is …
1. Just because SOME one born in a particular family does not make him/her great. 
2. Greatness has to be earned by conduct. 
3. The classification based on the births is bogus. 
—mahashring dasa (DIRECTOR Iskcon NAMAHATTA KUKATAPALY )

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