Drastic changes in the life style of people

has resulted in grave consequences.

Significant changes are seen in communication,

transportation, energy, working hours,

food habits etc, this has resulted in innumerable

psychological, mental and physical ailments.


The prime issues are:

1. Stress

2. Depression

3. Uncontrolled Anger

4. Juvenile crime

5. Increase in divorce rates

6. Single Parenting

7. Psychological Disorders

8. Junk Food

9. Insomnia

10. Obesity

11. Heart

12.  Cancer

13.  Diabetes

14.  Poor relationship

15.  Loss of family structure

16.  Terrorism

17.  Racism

18.  Climate Changes

19.  Environment

20.  And various life style problems


IF SRI KRISHNA IS IN The centre then even the enemies becomes friends. Lord Shiva is the greatest devotee, he carries SNAKES at his neck. His son Kartikeya rides on Peacock. His other son is GANESH WHO rides on RAT. HIS wife DURGA OR PARVATI uses the services of FEROCIOUS LION . Here we see […]

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07-09-2016 ENGLISH

Sri Ganesh ji bhagwan shri narasimha swami full dedicated devotee.. Lord Narasimha Swami devotees of life all the way to remove interference.. Shri always carry their head mr kamal phase. Because in his head Direction is vanquished, Lord narasimha swami happy with ease and grace away from them all.. Many wonderful qualities, they are for […]

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07-09-2016 HINDI

श्री गणेश जी भगवान श्री नरसिम्हा स्वामी के पूर्ण समर्पित भक्त है.. भगवान् नरसिम्हा स्वामी भक्तों के जीवन के मार्ग की हर व्यवधान को दूर करते है.. श्री गणेशजी हमेशा अपने मस्तक को उनके श्री कमल चरण में रखते है इसलिए ही उनका सिर दोनों तरफ से दबा हुआ है, भगवान नरसिम्हा स्वामी आसानी से […]

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08-09-2016 HINDI

अगर श्रीकृष्ण हमारा केंद हो तो दुश्मन भी हमारे मित्र बन जाते है.. भगवान शिव महान भक्त है, वे अपने गले में सर्प धारण करके रखते है, उनके पुत्र कार्तिकेय मोर की सवारी करते है, उनके दूसरे पुत्र गणेश मूषक की सवारी करते है, उनकी अर्धांग्नी दुर्गा कहो या पार्वती महा उग्र सिंह की सेवा […]

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08-09-2016 ENGLISH

If Krishna our union, our enemies become friends.. Great devotee of Lord Shiva, they snake around your neck dress and in his son Kartikeya Moore ride, her second son ganesh mouse ride, their ardhāṅgnī durga or parvati Maha Singh, poignant service… Here we are one family in peacock, snake, mouse, Singh, see what all the […]

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True LOVE is based on sacrificing all the available pleasures and comforts for the Satisfaction, pleasing the BELOVED. In this material world a very very small fraction of such Love is seen in a TRUE MOTHER for her young child. The pure selfless love is expressed in FIVE primary forms. These are — 1 Santa […]

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The loving affairs of Supreme BHAGWAN Sri Krishna and Srimiti RADHA RANI, are not like some boy and girl. Person’s with poor fund of knowledge and very little understanding considers them as some mundane relationship. Please understand first Who is Krishna, he is Sat, cit , and Anand vigrah. He is self satisfied , he […]

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Some MAFIA DONS or some influential police, political leader May give some economic benefits but they cannot be compared to the PRIME MINISTER. Person’s with less or no intelligence, with the intention of only material gains. Oftentimes praises Such MAFIA DONS as good as PRIME MINISTER. IN this age of Kali such ignorant foolish person […]

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You would like to enjoy with YOUR HUSBAND or someone like your husband.  No one could be like the Husband except The original Husband. Similarly why are people looking for someone LIKE GOD, EVERYONE knows that BHAGWAN Sri Krishna, SRI RAMA, VAMANA, NARAYANA, NARASHIMA SWAMI ,and different incarnations of Vishnu are ONLY GOD, The complete […]

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Satisfaction is the Father and contentment is the mother of the most Wanted baby known as HAPPINESS. When The powerful King of demons, Bali maharaja asked the DIVINE form of Bhagwan Sri NARAYANA who appeared as Sri VAMANA for any thing he can ask in charity. Sri VAMANA deva replied , he king I am satisfied […]

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